Responsible Tourism

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industry in the world and with growth and increasing profitability social responsibility of all tourism members go up.

We believes that our social responsibilities should be given precedence on profitability and a certain percentage of our income should be spent in development of local people, environment and conservation. People from all over the world come to Kanha National Park to see Tigers and visit the tourism zone of the Tiger reserve in Carbon fuel based 4 wheel drive vehicles which certainly has some negative impact on local bio diversity. Kanha lodges association does medical camps for local villagers and helps in school education which is a way of doing our bit.

We believe Sustainable use of resources is very important and our management tries its best to follow Eco friendly principals in its running of the lodge. In this quest we request our guests to try following activities which can reduce pressure on national park along with giving them a better experience of Kanha forest:

1 Bird Watching in buffer zone

2 Jungle Walk

3 Medicinal Plantation Identification / Conservation Area Visit

4 Tribal Village visits

5 Trying local cuisines at tribal / local villagers house

6 Yoga / Meditation and Wellness program

7 Rejuvenation program

8 Learning traditional Art and local cuisines.

We have splash pools in all our cottages and are asked at times about water wastage due to it. We have a filter plant and all water from kitchen, bath areas and splash pool is passed through it and re-used for our plantation there by helping us in saving precious water by using it twice, for our guests pleasure and saving our trees. Ours is the only wildlife lodge in Kanha which has two separate sewage system. Most of the trees at our accommodation are of ethnic species found in Kanha landscape, and we do not use chemical insecticides which harms local bio-diversity.

If you book your accommodation with us a percentage of our profit will be used to improve education, empowerment of local people, environment issues and conservation activities.

Kanha Village Eco Resort - Cleanliness Awareness Drive

We did a cleanliness awareness drive at Khatia / Kisli entrance gate of Kanha National Park and requested

tourists and local people not to litter and against use of plastic.

WWF ESD (South - South exchange meet) at Kanha

WWF - ESD (South - South Exchange meet) was organized by WWF - India at our resort in December 2013.

It was attended by dignitaries from various member countries including Sweden, Kenya, Indonesia, etc.

WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature - India

Note: We have mud houses with most construction at Kanha Village Eco Resort is Eco Friendly and done with help of locally available material. We do not use Chemical Insecticides / pesticides as they are harmful for environment and bio-diversity instead we use bio-degradable repellants made of herbs available locally. At times you may see insects, spiders or ants in the rooms which may be informed to us and will be controlled immediately. Do remember we are outsiders in a forest area but they are actual residents and each and every living or non-living thing has its importance in bio-diversity hence we request you not to kill or compel us to kill, most of these insects are harmless. Also do remember to carry repellant cream with you for safety when traveling to any forest area.

Thank you for staying with us and helping us

in making this world a better place.