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When is the - Best Time to Visit Kanha National Park

Located in central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh the climate of the region is tropical. Summers are hot and dry with a maximum and minimum temperature of 42°C and 24°C. Winters are cold with an average maximum and minimum temperature of 24°C and 1°C, respectively.

The annual average rainfall is 152 cm. The core area of the national park is closed for jungle safari from July to mid October during monsoon. Although rainy season is the best period to enjoy the forest by walking and to photograph insects and butterflies.

  • If you want to enjoy Kanha's enchanting forest and wildlife to its best avoid visiting the park in peak holiday season of Dushera and Dipawali (around October), Christmas, New year and extended week ends holidays when the park can become very crowded.

You can enjoy the forest in any season but if you are coming to see the King of the forest, His Majesty - Tiger, summers is certainly the best time when due to lack of water most animals can be seen around water bodies along with Tiger waiting for its prey. For Birding at Kanha national park best time to visit will be between December to April when migratory birds also can be spotted. Family holidays with young children should be avoided in peak winters and summers. For guests who want to visit kanha for wellness program all seasons are good except peak summers. For nature lovers and photographers Kanha is always beautiful in all seasons.

Activities at Kanha National Park

Wildlife / Tiger safaris are the biggest attraction for every visitor to Kanha national park. Tourists are allowed to visit and enjoy the serine environment of the forest and view wildlife in morning and evening safaris.

  • Do book your safari well in advance since there are limited entry ticket issued by the forest department, ask your accommodation provider for it.

    • To book safari entry ticket details of all guests including Name, Fathers / Husbands Name, Age, Address should be provided. Also one Photo ID number per vehicle (6 members) is required which can include Driving License, Passport, Election Commission ID, PAN number, etc., without which safari cannot be booked. E mail the details to your accommodation provider to enable him to book your entry ticket.

    • Note: Wednesdays park is closed for Evening / Noon safaris.

  • If you want to book your own safari entry ticket online for Kanha check following link:

Morning safaris are of longer hours starting from sun rise they are normally between 5 am to 11am. Earlier Kanha used to have 'Tiger Shows' which have been stopped by the department. Instead, you can hire Elephants on an hourly basis to enjoy the forest and these are known as Joy rides.

Noon safaris are limited to jeep safaris only wherein you visit the forest in 4x4 open Gypsy's. This is one of the best times to see tigers on evening stroll. Safari timings are from around 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm depending on sun set.

Night Safaris are not allowed in core area of any National Parks in Central India but you can visit the buffer zone for it.

Kanha Museum: Kanha has a museum at the center of the park which can enrich you with knowledge about the wildlife, forests and life in a forest as well as management of national park. A visit to the museum is highly recommended. For this you need to book your safari for Kanha zone in the morning time as museum is closed in the evening.

The forest department manages a cafeteria near Kanha museum, where you can enjoy some snacks along with tea or coffee. Normally Tiger show tickets were issued from here only so most of the vehicles rush to reach and book the tickets so at times you can see a scene of city well within the forest.

Sher Darshan (Tiger Show) is a good way of having an audience with his majesty - Tiger, when on safari to national park. Elephant keepers - Mahouts leave for locating a tiger early morning and when one is spotted, resting in forest cover but not visible from Gypsy a Tiger show is announced. Here after paying a fees you are taken on elephant back to see the big cat, ensuring that guests have at least one Tiger sighting. (This has been stopped by the department till further notice).

Zones for Safari Forest department has divided the tourism zone under four zones in core area with Kanha zone being the premium zone and Kisli, Mukki and Sarai zones are non premium tourism zones. Khatia zone is in the buffer forest area. All zones have their advantages and disadvantages but in broad sense Kanha, Kisli and Sarhi zones are best to sight tigers. Mukki zone is very good if you want to enjoy the forest but tiger sighting here is bit lower than other core area zones. Sarai zone is very beautiful with very few vehicles entering it and here we can see Blue Bull and Wolfs at times which is not seen in other core area zones in Kanha. Foreign tourists have to pay double the entry fees to Indian tourists.

Elephant Joy Rides are allowed at Kanha Tiger Reserve and to avail of the safaris you can book through the Field Director office at Mandla or at the entry points at Khatia or Mukki. There is a charge of INR 500/- per person for Indian tourists and INR 1500/- for foreign tourists per hour. If you want to explore the forest on elephant for whole day a special permission has to be taken from Field Directors office and book the elephants after paying a charge which is around INR 25,000/-. Charges are subject to change.

Wildlife photography is a major attraction for all visitors to Kanha Tiger Reserve and you will be able to see cameras of all shape and sizes. If you are on a photographic expedition it will be best to go in the park alone or with your own group of 3 to 4 people. Our resort also has good naturalists and can assist you if you are interested in wildlife photography at Kanha national park. Our Director Mr. Navneet Maheshwari has more than 200 awards / acceptances in Wildlife photography and is available to guide wildlife photography enthusiasts. If you are a professional wildlife photographer and want exclusive elephant and gypsy safaris these can be booked through your accommodation provider.

Jungle walks in designated nature trails is a very good option to explore and understand about Kanha national park and its bio-diversity. Guides are available at the entry gate after payment of normal guide charges and they take you on the trail. It is always good to take old and experienced guides so ask for them specifically. Kanha has nature trail options near the Kisli entry gate and at Chhapri village.

Bird Watching This is an activity which has not been promoted well enough although Kanha is a heaven for bird watchers with more than 300 varieties of birds. Bird watching can be done in two ways, on Gypsy, inside the national park to see species not seen on fringe areas / buffer forest and outside where you can walk the path way and good bird watching spots like Chhapri and Batwar ghat area.

NOTE: If you want to enjoy the forest we suggest at least one Jungle walk and / or Bird Watching trip. So if planning a 3 night trip to Kanha National Park 3 Safaris and 2 Jungle walk we feel will be a good mix.

Wellness program For guests who just want to enjoy natural heritage of Kanha and rejuvenate themselves in pure environment this is one of the best places in central India. You can stay for a week or more and just indulge in walks, yoga, meditation, book reading, painting and like activities. Wildlife lodges of Kanha can arrange massage facility along with yoga / meditation instructor for guests.

Other Local Attractions around Kanha National Park

  • Baiga (Tribal) village

  • Local Farmland

  • Village Market (on Wednesday's)

  • Bird watching trail

  • Banjar River trail

  • Forest / nature trail

  • Visit to Medicinal Plantation Conservation Area (MPCA).

  • Fort at Ramnagar, Mandla (40 Kms from Kanha).

How to reach Kanha National Park

  • Co-ordinates: 22°20’ 16.00”N and 80° 28’ 58.60”E (For Kanha Village Eco Resort).

  • Road: Jabalpur (160 Kms), Nagpur (295 Kms), Gondia (180 Kms), Raipur (260 Kms), Bandhavgarh (290 Kms), Pachmarhi (415 Kms).

  • Train: Jabalpur, Nagpur and Gondia are well connected with all major towns.

  • Air: Jabalpur, Raipur and Nagpur are best options.

Best way to reach Kanha is either by own vehicle or booking a Cab / Taxi for pick up / drop to / from your nearest place. Kanha is also connected by Bus from Mandla and Jabalpur. Bus will drop you at Mocha / Khatia village both on Kisli side entrance or at Mukki / Baihar for Kanha's other entrance. Our Wildlife lodge is situated on Kisli side of Kanha and we can arrange pick up from / drop to nearest bus station / railway station / Airport as required.

Most Resort / Hotels in Kanha National Park are situated in Kisli (Khatia / Mocha) side entrance of the tiger reserve. This is also the nearest area to Nagpur, Jabalpur and Bandhavgarh National Park as well has an advantage as all tourism zones of Kanha can be visited from here comfortably. If you want any more information about Kanha National Park, Tiger Safaris , Kanha Wildlife Safari entry ticket booking or any activities here feel free to contact us on 09977853263 / 09575800584 or email us at

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