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In any service industry it's most important to have best staff which is trained to not only give service to our guests but also make them feel at home. And keeping this in mind we have trained local people who will not only cater to your needs but make you feel special with their service and hospitality. At Kanha Village Eco Resort our owner is known as 'Bhaiya' i.e. Brother in Hindi since he believes everyone working here is a family and he is head of the family and not Boss or Sir or MD as at other resorts in Kanha.

Kanha Village Eco Resort, Kanha National Park

B M Singh, Manager - Operations

To welcome you at Kanha Village Eco Resort, with more than two decade of experience in service industry LK (as he is known within us) is on the helm of the management. With love of nature and wildlife he joined us and has personally trained most of the local staff. He can be contacted directly at gm@kanhavillage.com

Shailendra Pandey, Manager

Coming from the well known city of Allahabad, Pandey ji is well known for his knowledge of Indian literature and History. Although he handles accounts and back office but he will give you company, narrating stories of wildlife and rural India.

Kanha Village Eco Resort, Kanha Tiger Reserve

House Keeping & Service

Our house keeping and service staff is from local population, whom we have trained to serve our esteemed guests i.e. you. They will also be able to narrate stories of their living in forest area and tell you about their culture. Shiv heads the House Keeping & Raju the Service department.

Kitchen and Cooking

Our Chef Mr. Jagat, is a local from Kanha with more than 18 years of experience at different resorts in and around India. In his words: " I am in love with this place, its environment and peaceful people and would always stay here". To assist him we have 2 cooks from local tribal community who have more than 10 years experience in cooking. They can cook food to your taste especially if you want to try ethnic food just ask for it.

Pugmark of a Tiger, Kanha Tiger Reserve





Kanha National Park

Hotels in Kanha employ people from places near and far. Many resorts in Kanha have staff which comes from far away places as they are trained by professionals and can give best service.

But, does this help the local people, the tribal community or the forests. We believe in employing locals and training them to serve our guests as if they are not in any hotel at Kanha but living in a home of near relative.

We have experienced that the local people once trained can give service second to non. Employing local people in wildlife lodge means reducing pressure on the forest by improving the life style and economic standard of villagers living around Kanha National Park.

I personally believe that by employing local villagers and tribal youths we can bring them to fore front of wildlife conservation. Involving local people living around Kanha Tiger Reserve in conservation of Tiger and other wildlife is very important and they will feel like doing so only if they find it to be of benefit in some or other way.

When we go for Tiger Safari in the core area of Kanha National Park many hotels at Kanha use their own 4x4 Gypsy / Safari Jeep to earn more profits. We are opposed to this and use Gypsy's owned by local people, our way of supporting them in improving economic standards. We believe in earning from our facilities (rooms and restaurant) and let others earn from other activities.

Our family includes those local villagers who have very good experience in trekking in forest and preparing them to assist our guests for Bird watching and Jungle walk in Kanha Tiger Reserves buffer zone.

KVER family welcomes you to enjoy Kanha's natural heritage and flora and fauna with us.

Come Celebrate Nature Celebrate Life,

Navneet Maheshwari


Kanha Village Eco Resort

Kanha Tiger Reserve

In our endeavor to provide economic support to local people we are not only training tribal youngsters for other hotels and resorts around but also giving employment to them thus almost 90% staff employed by us are from local villages. These villagers have been living with minimum requirement and almost no support from any government till few years back. Due to lack of education and opportunities they are dependent on forest produce which needs to be checked at the earliest. This is the basis behind Eco friendly and sustainable tourism and is also our social responsibility so needs to be followed by all.

With economic standard of local people improving there dependence on forest goes down and this is very important to save our forests and wildlife. We are also training a few local villagers in bird watching and to act as guide for Jungle walks in the buffer zone of Kanha National Park. This way they will be able earn a respectable living and once they start understanding that the forest is useful for them and saving it will help them economically they will become its guardians and try to save it.

By employing maximum local people this is our way of helping save our natural heritage.