Facilities at Kanha Village Eco Resort

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An evening near lake, having snacks and enjoying the sunset.

Seeing a Tiger on Jeep safari is an experience in itself.

Picnic in Buffer forest, Kanha National Park
Tiger Safari in Kanha National Park

Spotting a tiger in Kanha National Park

Facilities at our resort in Kanha national park

Pokhar: Our Swimming pool has been developed in a way to give feel of a natural pond. Situated on the North Eastern side of the resort it is surrounded by Mahua and Bamboo trees.

Swimming pool with kids pool, Kanha

Swimming pool with kids pool for guests to ward off summer heat,

Kanha Village Eco Resort, Kanha National Park

Madhai: A games room which offers Table Tennis, Carom, Chess and Cards to enable you to enjoy your holiday. Ours is one of the few accommodation in Kanha who have taken care of your free time in a healthy way.

Multi Cuisine restaurant: Kodo - Kutki, named after grains sown by local tribal farmers offer scrumptious delicacies which are cooked using fresh vegetables and fruits that are procured from nearby villages.

Kodo Kutki restaurant, Kanha

Kodo, is formal restaurant with sitting on tables and chairs and Kutki with Charpoys, gives a feeling of road side eatery. We have separate kitchens for Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food and can also serve Jain food. Ours is the only pure vegetarian restaurant in Kanha where you can be sure of getting food as per your taste.

Kodo Kutki Restaurant, Kanha

Private and Bush dinner can be arranged at garden, swimming pool or nearby forest patch on special requests. Do not forget to try the local / ethnic food which we get specially made at a tribal house for authenticity. We serve Indian, South Indian and Ethnic food with Continental and Chinese as per your taste.

ABHYANGH GHAR: Massage after a 5 hours Jeep safari is best to rejuvenate ourselves. Our massage room has been specially made for guests who want to enjoy the massage given by local Khwas. If you want a medicinal oil massage or traditional one do let us know and it will be arranged.

LIBRARY: We have an extensive library with books on diverse subjects including wildlife, environment, novels, religion, philosophy and others. So, if you want to just enjoy a relaxed evening with man’s best friend – books be it so. Also available is a collection of books especially selected for children where they can nurture their reading habit.

TV LOUNGE: The facilities at the lounge named Choupal, include Dish TV, wildlife DVDs, a fine collection of books and indoor games.

TV Lounge, Kanha national park hotels and resorts amenities

TV Lounge - Choupal, enjoy the library with snacks

Tribal Dance at the resort in kanha

Enjoy tribal dance with your family and friends at the resort

You can indulge in star gazing or enjoy breeze at the Mandap, Sit at the pond nearby where if you are lucky even King of the jungle – Tiger or more elusive Leopard can give you ‘darshan’ or just watch birds chirping and busy in their activities. Facilities available at Kanha Village Eco Resort will make your wildlife holiday in Kanha a memorable one by adding activities which will give you a better experience of Kanha national park.

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