Community Initiatives

Travellers from all over the world visit Kanha National Park to spot the striped big cat – Tiger and the natural heritage we have on offer. We at Kanha Village Eco Resort turn this visit to an experience where they can enjoy our natural heritage along with culture of our forest dwellers.

Dinner at Village Home, Kanha National Park

If a project is implemented keeping our social responsibility on the forefront and involve local communities in everything it may offer a whole new experience along with what traditional institutions have on offer. Mostly, local community do not have entrepreneurship quality to take up such projects or do not have adequate economic backing. Here although investment has been made by an individual but active participation and involvement of local community is what makes it unique concept in tourism sector.

Understanding living style of natives, Kanha Tiger Reserve

We at Kanha Village Eco Resort are very careful about sustainability, respect local culture, our natural heritage and work proactively with natives making it a community based initiative.

Community awareness campaign, Kanha National Park

We promote alternative tourism involving local communities along with wildlife tourism which is main attraction for guests visiting Kanha National Park. All activities we conduct are based on Eco Tourism and have no impact on local environment and biodiversity rather enhances the experience of tourists by giving them a chance to understand the local culture and biodiversity up-close.

Jungle walk to see traditional medicinal plants, Kanha National Park

With 95% staff from local villages we also involve local community in all activities and services required like Taxi services, Vegetable purchases, general purchases, maintenance, Painting, Plantation, Ethnic food, Flora walks, Traditional medicine plants awareness walks, Bird watching, Voice of Nature, Star gazing, Village visit, School visit, Temple visit, Evening at village house, Tribal Dance, Local musician, Purchase of locally made products, Organic Agriculture, Traditional Games, Vermi composting / bio fertiliser, etc.,

Ethnic dinner - Traditional style, Kanha Village Eco Resort, Kanha
Visiting Elephant Camp, Kanha National Park

Come, Celebrate Nature, Celebrate Life..............