Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct / Do's and Don't s at National Parks and Tiger Reserves, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park

Code of Conduct

  • Treat the sanctuary with respect. It is the sanctum sanctorum of nature.

  • Bear in mind that the wild animals have the right of way in the sanctuary.

  • Keep a reasonable distance from all animals. Stay at a safe distance, disturbed animals may be provoked to attack.

  • Transistors, tape-recorders and loud conversations are taboo in the sanctuary.

  • Take strict precautions to guard against forest fires caused through carelessness.

  • Avoid any form of pollution within the sanctuary whether of air, soil or water.

  • Do not go near a nest. An alarmed bird can damage the eggs to be hatched.

  • Do not get out of the vehicle, it may endanger your life and disturb animals.

  • Dress in colors that blend with the forest. Khaki, brown or olive green will be just right.

  • Make full use of local guides and tribal’s. They are likely to be illiterate, but, that only means they have had more time for learning about the jungle and the creatures and plants therein.

  • Although shooting with a rifle is prohibited, "shooting" with a camera is fully encouraged.

  • Remember disturbing an animal / bird to get a good photograph is against ethics of photography.

  • Make checklists of creatures observed on a trip. Make your own simple notes which you can easily compare from trip.

  • Make the most of your trip. Learn a little more of the world you are part of.

  • Use of horns, fast driving, smoking, campfires, harassing of animals and consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

  • Do not litter, take your wastage back and dispose in proper manner.

  • Firearms and pets are strictly forbidden.

  • It is forbidden to get out of vehicle inside the park.

  • If you want to enjoy the forest more take a jungle walk in buffer forest, forest department has a nature trail for nature lovers.

  • Kindly don’t Instigating forest employees / Mahouts to break rules by giving gifts / money, it is unethical.