Activities at Kanha

What can you do at Kanha National Park?

A very common question our guests ask is - What can we do at Kanha? Kanha Tiger Reserve is famous for Tiger safari and wildlife photography and most visitors to this beautiful tiger reserve come with these in mind. But, we have so many other activities which normally most hotels in kanha national park do not offer to keep you and your children busy.

We will make a special tailor made package for Kanha as per your requirement. Along with wildlife safari we will include activities which are more sustainable and give a much better experience and make your visit a memorable one.

NATURE TREK: Resort is adjacent to dense buffer forest, a stop dam and tribal village. Interested guests can go for a nature trek to the buffer forest area with local village guides who know the area very well. These guides are being taught to take out guests by us. By nature treks you will be able to enjoy the forest and its bio diversity more extensively. Animals you can see at the time of nature walk include Spotted deer, Sambhar deer, Barking deer, Blue Bill (Neel Gai), Gaur (Indian Bison), Jackals, Foxes, Wolf, Jungle cat and many other small and big once including Leopard and Tiger and host of birds, butterflies and insects.

MEDICINAL PLANTATION CONSERVATION AREA (MPCA): Kanha national park is well known for its faunal diversity including rare plants and shrubs. Just a few minutes walk in the buffer forest will take you to MPCA, where forest department is actively working on conservation of locally available herbs well known for their medicinal properties. MPCA can also be visited with local herb doctor - 'Vaidhya', who will guide you through use of different plants and can also write a prescription for you. If for some reason MPCA is closed same tour can be arranged as Medicinal Plants Identification Tour in buffer forest.

BIRD WATCHING: We at the resort can arrange for expert bird watchers with extensive knowledge of birds and local area who can help and guide you in bird watching. Kanha landscape has more than 280 varieties of bird species and this area is well known for its bird’s diversity and migratory birds. Bird watching can be done on foot in buffer area as well as by Jeep safaris in core area.

Bird Watching at Kanha Tiger Reserve

WILDLIFE SAFARIS: Kanha is famous for its wildlife and watching them sitting in open gypsy is an experience unforgettable. We arrange for Gypsy vehicles for wildlife / Tiger safaris which will take you to the core area of Kanha forest. Here we would like to clarify that we don't own safari vehicles but call Gypsy vehicles owned by local people in our endevour to help and support them.


Safari in Buffer zone as well as other activities like Jungle walks, Bird watching, Medicinal Plantation Conservation Area visit, Yoga / Meditation rejuvenation program, etc., are also available for guests.

Also since core area safari entry is limited by number of vehicles we suggest booking at least 90 days in advance.

Note: We have our own naturalists, and are in process of training more local tribal people as naturalists and guides. This will not only provide them with better job opportunities but is also our way of helping the local population.

BUFFER SAFARIS: Kanha national park is visited for safari in core area to spot free roaming wildlife especially Tigers and Hard Ground Barasingha. At Kanha Safari is also available in buffer region which is more economical and can give good wildlife adventure. Buffer safari is available for whole year (also in monsoon period).

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY / WORKSHOP: We can help our guests in learning the art of wildlife photography. Our associates have recognition from well known photography clubs like IIPC, FIP, PSA and other national and International photography clubs. So if interested in honing your skills as wildlife photographer just let us know in advance and a tutor and guide will be ready for you. For interested groups we can plan and arrange package for wildlife photography at Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks.

VILLAGE TOURS: We arrange village tours for interested guests where they can see, enjoy and learn from villagers their living style and culture. If you want to dance to the tunes of tribal music we will arrange tribal dance and music program at the resort itself.

Tribal Dance, Kanha National Park

TRIBAL DANCE: We can arrange for tribal dance troop which will perform for an hour or two, wearing ethnic dresses and on the tunes made to perfection in hundreds of years.

UNDERSTANDING TRADITIONAL ART & CULTURE: Kanha Tiger Reserve is famous for wildlife safaris but one very good activity to indulge in is to learn traditional art qand ethnic cuisine from natives. We can arrange classes for learning local art and traditional food as per guests requirement.

YOGA & MEDITATION: Are you tired of stressful modern life. Just let us know in advance and we will arrange for Yoga and Meditation guide who will see to it that when you go back home you are refreshed and energetic. Here we recommend a 5N / 6D stay with Yoga, Meditation, Jungle treks, healthy food and discussions.

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