Accommodation in Kanha

Resort in Kanha National Park for Stay in Traditional earth houses with modern amenities.....

Kanha Village Eco Resort has beautifully appointed mud cottages and rooms, made in vernacular style they look like the local tribal home with facial designs on the walls giving the resort the look of a village as our name suggests. All decorated in the finest linens and simple style but with modern amenities. Sitting on the veranda you can enjoy the natural beauty around while relaxing. Luxury cottages have own, open to sky splash pool where you can relax and enjoy bath. We are here to make your visit and stay at Kanha National Park a memorable one.

Kanha Village Eco Resort - a short video profile

Luxury in Ethnic Cottages

Royal Kanha Eco Cottage: We have 4 separate and 2 twin cottages. Spacious with all modern amenities but traditional style interiors, individual Air conditioners / heaters, electric kettle to make tea / coffee, mini refrigerator and insect repellent. Each cottage has its own open to sky splash pool which can be reached directly through the room or the bath room. You can sit in the verandah and enjoy reading books available in our library or watch birds while sipping a cup of hot coffee. 

Kanha Village Eco Resort, Kanha National Park, Mud Cottage interior
Splash Pool with Cottage, Kanha Village Eco Resort, Kanha  National Park  

Royal Kanha Eco Cottage with personal open to sky splash pool.

Rooms with a view

Super Deluxe Rooms: We have 2 Super Deluxe Rooms. Spacious with all modern amenities individual Air conditioners / room heaters, electric kettle to make tea / coffee, mini refrigerator and insect repellent. Each room has its own splash pool with shower. You can sit in the verandah and enjoy reading or watch birds or just watch forest around while sipping a cup of hot coffee.

Super Deluxe room with personal splash pool with shower.

Budget friendly traditional accommodation (through Kanha Eco Lodge)

Standard Air Cooled Rooms: As the old traditional homes made in India our 8 rooms, have been made in a cluster with space at the center locally known as Chowk, as the tribal make theirs. Spacious with all modern amenities, they have been equipped with Water room coolers, mosquito repellent, writing table, electric kettle (for tea / coffee), almirah and hot and cold water. All rooms have own attached bathrooms and a verandah at the front where you can sit and relax. (Check for further details)

Standard room

Note: We have mud houses and most construction at Kanha Village Eco Resort is Eco Friendly and done with help of locally available material. We do not use Chemical Insecticides / pesticides as they are harmful for environment  and bio-diversity instead we use bio-degradable repellants made of herbs available locally. At times you may see insects, spiders or ants in the rooms which may be informed to us and will be controlled immediately. Do remember we are outsiders in a forest area but they are actual residents and each and every living or non-living thing  has its importance in bio-diversity hence we request you not to kill or compel us to kill. Also do remember to carry repellant cream with you for safety when traveling to any forest area. 

Standard room

View of Standard room of Kanha Eco Lodge taken from main door with writing table, air cooler, hanger almirah and bed in view.

Accommodation in Kanha national park are constructed using Cement / Concrete structure with burnt bricks. We at Kanha Village Eco Resort are happy to offer our esteemed guests visiting Kanha with earth houses - made of mud and clay. In modern society we live in pucca construction everywhere and miss on the traditional system and its advantages. The climate control system of mud construction is such that even till early April you will not feel like using a Air conditioner in our Eco cottages. Lodging in ethnic style rooms will be an experience you will miss even after going back home. We welcome you to enjoy your stay in Kanha in traditional houses. We are the only resort in central India which provides traditional earth houses with modern amenities for wildlife tourism.

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